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Take the quiz to see if you're eligible for HARP (US)

Converts On : Complete the quiz and enter a valid email address.

10.5 Cents

Wristband Diabetes Bracelet - 2019

Converts On: Complete the registration with valid information. users have to continue through the path and answer the questions after the registration

36.4 Cents

Get free printable coupons now from Coupons.com

Converts on: points awarded after clicking 25 coupons to print & redeem. You can print all 25 'clipped' coupons in one print session

5.6 Cents

MS Awareness Wristband

Show your support for the 2.3 million people affected by Multiple Sclerosis Converts on Full Registration and Survey Completion.

31.5 Cents

Subscribe to Hulu - Incent US

Converts when users subscribes for Hulu (c/c submit) - New and eligible returning subscribers only!

761.6 Cents

Ebates Button

Converts on: Download and install the Ebates Button

36.4 Cents

Kellogg's Family Rewards (US)

Converts On : Sign up with valid information.

34.3 Cents

Top Coupons

Converts on: Rewards after you clip 15-25 coupons to print & redeem. This offer can be completed Every 24 hours.

11.9 Cents

Diabetes Recipes

Converts on: Register with valid info and complete the survey.

28.7 Cents


Converts on: Sign up for Trim - Available to new members only

47.6 Cents

NewTab - TV and Movies Browser Extension

Converts On : Must Install the Browser extension and use the browser extension to search for anything they prefer.

36.4 Cents

Quiz Diva - What's Wrong With These Cartoons

Converts On: Complete the quiz with a 100% score.

5.6 Cents

Quiz Diva - Minecraft

Converts on: Complete the quiz with a 100% score.

13.3 Cents

Save With Coupons (US)

Converts on: Click the red button. Can be completed multiple times a day.

2.1 Cents

ShopGala Classic Reg

Converts on: Sign up with valid information.

58.1 Cents

RewardTV - When did you watch TV yesterday?

Converts on: Complete the survey correctly to receive credit. Can be done daily.

21 Cents

Migraine Headache Study

Converts when user qualifies for a study and completes it.

787.5 Cents

Ebates Extension Button

Converts on: Download and install the Ebates Button -

21 Cents

SaySo Rewards Silver Surveys

Converts on: Survey Complete. User has opportunity to complete a new survey each day.

84 Cents

GimmeMore - Dog Breed Quiz (INTL)

Converts On : Answer the questions correctly.

4.2 Cents

Dynata Daily Survey

Converts On : Survey Complete can be completed up to 10x/day.

36.4 Cents

Opinion Network US

Converts on: completed survey. a user can complete up to 10 surveys per day. . Tatget: US only 13+

31.5 Cents


Converts on: Complete survey (users can complete this offer once every day)

36.4 Cents

Daily Brain Teaser!

Converts when you read the solution on your desktop device (Can be completed once every 3 days)

1.4 Cents

Coupons - Print (Weekly)

Converts on: the print session. Each user can complete once per week.

6.3 Cents

OpinionNetwork Daily Survey

Converts on: Complete survey; Open to 18+ years of age. Maximum of 10 surveys per user per day.

52.5 Cents

Shop Your Way (US)

Converts on: Connect a Shop Your Way account with Uber

126 Cents

SaySo Rewards Gold Surveys

Converts on: Complete survey ; users can complete this offer once every day

126 Cents

Dailybreak: Nature Valley | US

Converts On: a user registers for Dailybreak and completes the quiz.

12.6 Cents

Survey Savvy

Converts on : Install and one log of data was sent

156.1 Cents

GiveUsYour2Cents - US

Requirement: Complete Survey 13+ age - a person can complete a new survey each day - get paid for each survey completed by your members.

52.5 Cents

Quiz Diva - Logo (US)

Converts on: Complete the quiz with a 100% score.

7.7 Cents

Life Insurance Quotes & Options - PPCALL

Converts on: Protect Yourself & Your Family! Get a Policy $300k or Greater - Call Now. Must be genuinely interested in Life Insurance options.

341.6 Cents

Skinny Chocolate - $4.95 Trial

Converts on: CC submit ($4.95 S&H) (Trial order must ship).

367.5 Cents

Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Bracelet

Converts on: Must register with valid information and complete the health profile to earn credits.

26.6 Cents

Quiz Diva - Mobile Games Mobile

Converts on: Complete the quiz with a 100% score.

3.5 Cents

Kobo eBooks - Get $10 Off First Ebook

Converts on: Sign up for as a new customer of Walmart Kobo and get $10.00 off your first ebook purchase.

144.2 Cents


Converts on: after the user successfully signs up with valid info and answers a few short questions.

39.2 Cents

MS Myths & Facts

Converts on: Registration with valid information.

17.5 Cents

Professional Lawn Service - Call Now PPCall

Converts on: listed on the landing page. (Must be genuinely interested in Professional Lawn Services.)

249.2 Cents