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Take the quiz to see if you're eligible for HARP (US)

Converts On : Complete the quiz and enter a valid email address.

7.5 Cent

Postmates - New Customer $100 Delivery Credit Promo

Converts on 1st order. Mobile and Desktop.

187.5 Cent

Kobo eBooks - Get $10 Off First Ebook

Converts on: Sign up for as a new customer of Walmart Kobo and get $10.00 off your first ebook purchase.

103 Cent

Kellogg's Family Rewards (US)

Converts On : Sign up with valid information.

24.5 Cent

ShoutHome Promo

Converts On: Complete a couple questions and proceed to signup for promo provided!

15 Cent

Get free printable coupons now from Coupons.com

Converts on: points awarded after clicking 25 coupons to print & redeem. You can print all 25 'clipped' coupons in one print session

4 Cent

Free Spring Samples 2019 - CPL | US

Converts on full registration.

22.5 Cent


Converts on: Sign up for Trim - Available to new members only

34 Cent

Guardians of Ember (US - AU - NZ)

Converts On: Download the game - create an account (Must be a new player) - and reach level 6.

24 Cent

Save With Coupons (US)

Converts on: Click the red button. Can be completed multiple times a day.

1.5 Cent

Quiz Diva - What's Wrong With These Cartoons

Converts On: Complete the quiz with a 100% score.

4 Cent

Dynata Daily Survey

Converts On : Survey Complete can be completed up to 10x/day.

26 Cent

Top Coupons

Converts on: Rewards after you clip 15-25 coupons to print & redeem. This offer can be completed Every 24 hours.

8.5 Cent

Quiz Diva - Minecraft

Converts on: Complete the quiz with a 100% score.

9.5 Cent

ShopGala Classic Reg

Converts on: Sign up with valid information.

45 Cent

Coupons - Print (Weekly)

Converts on: the print session. Each user can complete once per week.

4.5 Cent

RewardTV - When did you watch TV yesterday?

Converts on: Complete the survey correctly to receive credit. Can be done daily.

15 Cent


Converts on: Complete survey (users can complete this offer once every day)

26 Cent

E-Poll.com (US)

Converts on: 1) Enter your valid personal info and sign-up. 2) Check your Inbox for the follow up email - open it and confirm your account. 3) Complete the sign-up Survey.

37.5 Cent

GiveUsYour2Cents - US

Requirement: Complete Survey 13+ age - a person can complete a new survey each day.

37.5 Cent

Opinion Network US

Converts on: completed survey. a user can complete up to 10 surveys per day. . Tatget: US only 13+

22.5 Cent

Daily Brain Teaser!

Converts when you read the solution on your desktop device (Can be completed once every 3 days)

1 Cent

OpinionNetwork Daily Survey

Converts on: Complete survey; Open to 18+ years of age. Maximum of 10 surveys per user per day.

37.5 Cent

NewTab - TV and Movies Browser Extension

Converts On : Must Install the Browser extension and use the browser extension to search for anything they prefer.

26 Cent

Quiz Diva - PUBG (INTL)

Converts On: Complete the quiz with a 100% score.

2.5 Cent

Shop Your Way (US)

Converts on: Connect a Shop Your Way account with Uber

90 Cent

Quiz Diva - Logo (US)

Converts on: Complete the quiz with a 100% score.

5.5 Cent

Eczema Study

Converts On: user qualifies for a study and completes it.

675 Cent

Life Insurance Quotes & Options - PPCALL

Converts on: Protect Yourself & Your Family! Get a Policy $300k or Greater - Call Now. Must be genuinely interested in Life Insurance options.

244 Cent

Skinny Chocolate - $4.95 Trial

Converts on: CC submit ($4.95 S&H) (Trial order must ship).

262.5 Cent

Psoriasis Study

Converts On: user qualifies for a study and completes it.

637.5 Cent

Compare Life Insurance coverage - US

Convert on : Zip Submit. Please encourage users to complete their info and compare quotes .

13 Cent

Type 2 Diabetes Study

Converts On: user qualifies for a study and completes it.

937.5 Cent

Professional Lawn Service - Call Now PPCall

Converts on: listed on the landing page. (Must be genuinely interested in Professional Lawn Services.)

178 Cent

eVoice - 30 Day Trial | US

Converts on: Sign up for free trial of eVoice. *same-day/immediate cancellations of service with no use will result in revoke of credit.

122 Cent


Converts on: after the user successfully signs up with valid info and answers a few short questions.

28 Cent

MS Myths & Facts

Converts on: Registration with valid information.

12.5 Cent

Quiz Diva - Mobile Games Mobile

Converts on: Complete the quiz with a 100% score.

2.5 Cent

Ebates Button

Converts on: Download and install the Ebates Button

26 Cent

Dailybreak: C&D A&H Cloud Control 2019 at Target Program

Converts On: Sign up for Dailybreak

9.5 Cent